CRUSH looks at the way we occupy and negotiate space and the chaotic systems inherent in trying to fit together. Separated into two distinct halves, we first witness the beauty of patterns, unison and the satisfaction of geometric clarity. We then witness the throng of the mass, the fracturing of bodies put under pressure, the wildness of humanity.  

CRUSH is not pure in it's division. Elements of both sections intertwine, disrupting each other, creating order in the chaos. 

As part of the creative team, our aim was to create a performance where all of the elements blended together seamlessly, complimenting each other and making sure that each element was shown and utilised to it's full potential. Working with Stephanie, we created two very seperate worlds with the lighting design. The first being clinical, sterile, harsh and symmetrical in it's design. This was done with heavy use of toplight, a little bit of front and back light, lines and a cold gel colour palette.
The second world we created was vast, free, messy and full of life and colour. This world was much warmer and softer than the first and it utilised the whole space, nothing hidden or masked. For this section I used Fresnels as my front and back light for their softness and warmth, I made use of my sidelight (which was hidden behind the walls in the first section, ready for the second section) and I added
colour by using LED moving heads and the floating LED 'Happy Tubes'.


Choreography: Stephanie Lake
Composition: Robin Fox
Lighting Design: Michelle Thorne
Sound Design: Samantha Pursell
Costume Design: Kim Ritchie
Stage and Properties Design: Sophia Burns

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